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The Peter Stone FREE Suite of Services

 When you become a customer and client of Peter Stone Wholesale, then you have complete access to our Suite of Services

#1: FREE Assistance with your Online Store

An online store with all the tools you need to build, manage, and grow your business.

We'll Help you get up and running with a New Online Store and consult you on your existing website.

We have been building websites since 1996. We won't tell you all about it, but we'll surely guide you past the endless Pitfalls! We've got hundreds of thousands of dollars and over 25 years of experience to share.

You can save large sums of money people tell you you need to spend! DON'T Do IT! Speak with us First!  

#2: Marketing Assistance

Powerful Marketing Tools You Need To Generate Massive Sales.

We have tested many tools, apps, and strategies we have researched in the last three decades extracting the best for you and us. If we don't use it or haven't tested it, we won't recommend it. 

We've got tools that take you beyond the limits of Google Analytics and Shopify's reporting and measuring tools. 

Selling in a store, Fair, Festival, or at events, we've got many tools and tips for you as well. Most business owners miss, and they are throwing their money away before and after they get it!  I am Shocked! This One Toll and action can increase your sales by 20, 30, and even 100% in some cases! It's the Visionary Thing.

How do you predict the future – Take the actions to get you where you want to go!

#3: Get Free Jewelry

Refer A Friend Program Exceptional Rewards

Whether you use the Affiliate program for your retail buyers or refer another Reseller, Peter Stone Offers you great rewards and benefits for your efforts.

It's all about using the tools and leveraging all the opportunities and connections you have and will build.

The processes Peter will share with giving you great tools to get much more out of your existing business, and you'll know what to look for and be aware of as you move forward in your new business.

#4: Coaching, Consulting, and Training

Jewelry Business Strategy, Coaching and Consultation.

Peter will share his knowledge, tools, and skills in Free Webinars, and more advanced strategies will be talking in the Facebook and MeWe groups online in the weekly Q and A sessions coupled with a specific training every week.

You will be getting expert advice from someone who has been on the front lines at all levels, from Making our jewelry to selling it retail and every possibility in-between.

You definitely will want to be Included and Involved to accelerate your business profitably forward.  Make sure you connect and Join our Groups!

Remember, Facebook is being over-controlling these days. As a company with Vision, we are once again ahead of the wave with our MeWe Private Peter Stone Jewelry Institute Group!

Get onboard TODAY! Keep ahead of the Wave with Peter Stone. He's been doing it for over 30 years! The challenge doesn't Matter… The Solution is the Focus with Persistence at Peter Stone.

#5: Custom and Semi-Customized Designed Jewelry

We design and personalize your Jewelry – One Piece or a Thousand! Custom-designed rings, pendants & many other types of jewelry design!

Creativity and Unique design in today's marketplace are the keys to maximizing Profits! 

We will help design at any level and put a single design or an entire branded jewelry line into reality—your private brand. Peter Stone has done this for many hundreds of customers and clients.

It's one of Peter Stone's Specialties! WHY? Because every single piece of Peter Stone is an Original design created by our team. From drawing board to completed line. Over 18,000 designs in 30 years! Yes, you can chalk that up to a lot of practice, and today you get the benefits of this refined and streamlined service.

What is Semi-customed design jewelry?

You see a Peter Stone Design that… If it were just a little different here or there, you would Love It, buy it and cherish it! At Peter Stone, it's all about the Solution! ALWAYS!

We'll make those changes for you! Just ask us, and we'll follow your heart's desire and create it the way you want. I don't see a matching set, but I want one. JUST ASK! We're more than happy to make that Your Reality! 

It's all much more straightforward than you may think. Another Peter Stone Five Star Promise!

#6: Proven Strategies and Tactics most don't or won't implement

Fabulous jewelry wholesale strategies to help you succeed are what I will give you.

I can only say here there will be many Strategies when Implemented, which will result in the business growth you are after.

There are some many I've used and still use today. ACTION is the Key! Get your Dreams fired up and Build a burning desire to make the Actions necessary be the fuel that propels you forward.

Join me to find out. There's so much! Scale your business with The Parallel Leveraging Principles that I teach!

I look forward to connecting. Peter

#7: A Powerful Jewelry Exchange Program

Out with the Old- In with New right off the Jewelers Polish wheel! Upgrade and Renew Your Jewelry and Trade It In!

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to liquidate the jewelry in your stores' drawers, closets, on the shelves, hidden in the nooks and crannies you've allowed collecting over the years.

Do you know how much holding on to jewelry for over a year costs? Three Years? What about five or ten? It is very LARGE HIDDEN cost all around you. Move your unsalable jewelry today for Something new! Designs new to freshen up your store's look online or off!

If you haven't got rid of the STERLING SILVER jewelry that doesn't sell and turn it into cash to reinvest, then you've; lost a lot of profit.

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Peter Stone

Peter Stone, G.G., A.G., F.G.A., founder and CEO of Peter Stone Jewelry, first felt his passion in 1983, working as an engineer on merchant ships. Living in Sri Lanka, he had the fortunate opportunity of exposure to an abundance of precious stones.

The Peter Stone group of Companies is Multi-national with offices for sales and distribution in the USA, UK, Australia, and around the globe. We produce all of our jewelry at our facilities in the amazing country of Thailand.

Let's hear out some of the success stories

We’ve been highly satisfied with the level of professionalism and quality.

 I feel contended with the knowledge, guidance and support provided by Peter Stone Jewelry.

Peter Stone suite of services has helped me follow my inventory, grow my customers, label my merchandise and more. There are so many incredible services and guidelines, I haven’t even gotten into yet! 

We have been doing business with them for years and have loved everything that has been fixed, created or just brought from them. The quality and customer service is stellar.

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