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$1400 Stimulus Is Here – Turn just $250 of That Money Into Thousands- Here Is How!

What if you could take less than 20% of the stimulus check you received or are about to receive and turn it into a lifelong profit-generating business?

Be your own boss. Start generating income, real income, within days of your investment in yourself. How?

Let's Talk Drop Shipping! The Benefits are more than meets the eye.

 Who Wants to Be A Drop Shipper?

Well, YOU should! When looking a little deeper, you'll know Why!

  • People who want to supplement their income.

  • People who want to follow the American Dream.

  • People who want to work toward being their own boss

  • People who want to throw away the 9 to 5 mundane ways of living.

  • People who wish to spend more time with their family.

  • People who want more from life.

  • People who want to make money while they sleep!

  • People just like You who want more freedom in their life.

  • People who want to throw away the 9 to 5 mundane ways of living smartly

How can I get started?

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You don't need a brilliant product idea before you can start a business online. You don't need to reinvent the wheel, especially when you have a company willing to help you every step of the way that already has more than 33 years of success under its belt. 

That is what Peter Stone Jewelry has for you.

Selling another companies' Jewelry can be the best way to get started online. You can access their Jewelry and sell their products through an existing sales channel or your website.

 This process is called Dropshipping. Dropshipping is simply the process of shipping goods directly to your customers from a reliable third-party supplier or vendor. 

Peter Stone has been that supplier to hundreds of companies and wants to help you do precisely this.

There is one BIG Difference in Peter Stone's Approach. You'll want to know how to Increase your successes and sales. Very few people understand this Hidden Concept.

It's right in front of them but rarely utilized for Maximum ROT. Return on Time!        

Find out more!

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I am glad you asked that question! The answer is Very Well!

When your customers purchase the item, you take their orders and send them to your supplier. The supplier sends out your goods directly to your customers, and you keep the difference.

A customer orders jewelry from your business.

You pass the order info along to your drop shipper.

The drop shipper packages the goods and ships them directly to the customer.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Drop Shipping?

The drop shipping business saves time and money because one does not need to maintain a warehouse and care about the shipping. The supplier will do this. One just needs to promote jewelry and create sales to enjoy your profits.


Immediate Profits

If a merchant is good at selling and has chosen the right Jewelry that converts well - Profits will be made. Moreover, this is the only business model available that does not require a considerable investment, bringing in profits when implementing this strategy correctly.

Negligible Investment

If would-be store owners are looking for passive income sources online, dropshipping may be an opportunity to seek out. The business framework requires little investment. Owners need to have a website and basic marketing skills to move products. Apart from the website, they can also run promotions or posts on various social media platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Google AdWords, Facebook, email marketing, and Bing ads to drive traffic to their website and grow sales.

When you partner with Peter Stone, we will help with all of this. No need to get overwhelmed. We KNOW how to help you and are here for you.

Most online sellers find it easier to operate in a single niche, such as bobbles or widgets. Selling niche items will simplify your marketing efforts.

Rather than trying to appeal to everyone, you only need to appeal to a specific market segment. Sticking close to home and selling a product you like and are interested in or a closely related set of products you already know a lot about maximizes the uniqueness and expertise you bring to your sales efforts.

Peter Stone has over 43 Niche Jewelry lines to satisfy anyone's interests and passions.


Everyone is selling iPhones, so isn't that what you should be selling too? It's tempting to find those lists of top-selling products on eBay and use those to start filling your store, but this is a wrong move.

The truth is, these products have so much competition because a majority "thinks" that only the top sellers with thousands to spend on marketing and massive orders are getting the bulk of the sales. It's like a few hundred seagulls on the beach fighting over a few fish. Everyone gets a tiny piece… maybe!

Choose a winner that has demand but isn't drowning in competition.

Peter Stone has created a reputation of class, quality, value, and Beauty. Each piece is handmade on-demand. So it's almost as if each piece is a one-of-a-kind. Not a lot of competition there! Our Jewelry comes right off the jeweler's polish wheel to your customer, never sitting in a warehouse for months.

The Beauty in every piece SHINES! Your buyer will rave!


Choose your supplier wisely. Price is important, of course, but other factors come into play. Most people overlook the value aspect.

The value you means something of quality at a reasonable price!

People consistently pay for real value and appreciate it. That means they come back time and time again, building a solid buyer base!

No complaints. Only praise means REPEAT business!

Did you know that 66% of consumers said they would purchase an item for a higher price if the value is there? VALUE MATTERS MOST. It is the most demanding, complaining type customers to deal with that buy on prices ONLY.

You do not want these buyers. They waste so much of your time.

It's also crucial that your supplier be reliable and professional. As a dropshipper, you know that your lifeblood is in the fulfillment. If your supplier fails you, your business won't be far behind. Some buyers don't like to deal with drop shippers. It can also be challenging to locate reliable dropship manufacturers, but they are out there. Peter Stone Jewelry is a great place to start! You'll find you will need to look no further because your challenges, problems, and guesswork are solved. Three decades of Jewelry expertise behind you. A sure force for Profit!

You found Peter Stone, and you need to look no farther.

We have a track record of drop shipping for over two decades on top of the Jewelry making and marketing experience. You will also see how well we communicate with you, which is crucial once you start making sales. You want to track inventory and purchases easily. We've got your back! If a challenge develops, you need the opportunity to spot them and respond before your customer has a chance to.

We'll show you how to stay ahead of the wave and start Making money quickly. We've made all the mistakes. We've got priceless firsthand feedback from hundreds of our customers to share with you.

Go Ahead and Pick UP THE PHONE, hop on a CHAT or Send Us an EMAIL today! Our team of experts is waiting to serve you right now!

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Get the Benefits NOW!


The Basics of Using Social Media for Online Marketing can be exceptionally profitable. But let's save that for another email. Peter Stone can help you with all of this. We've got proven tools.


Selling Jewelry through your site eliminates the pitfalls of selling through an existing platform, but it also eliminates some advantages. You escape listing fees and can develop a customer list, as well as maintain total control over your website's look and feel. On the downside, you must purchase a domain name and secure web hosting. You don't need to hire a web designer to create your site or integrate with an online payment processor. 

Peter Stone can guide you to online eCommerce shops that are all-inclusive with tremendous drag and drop templates. Selling through your site also requires active marketing to drive traffic, which sometimes can cut into your profit margin.

When you partner with Peter Stone, we can help you with marketing the mysteries. We offer online webinars, training, marketing, sales templates, images and descriptions, social media-ready banners, video tutorials, and so much more!


The Peter Stone Group of Companies

A 43 niche market "umbrella" provides you exceptional value and quality jewelry, excellent customer service with a guarantee consistently. DiveSilver, Magick Symbols, Peter Stone Classic Celtic, Peter Stone Designer Collection, and more. Something for everyone.

Did I mention the markup is between 200-350% on every piece sold? Profits Galore!

Peter Stone also offers ready-to-post jewelry images, descriptions, templates for marketing and sales, video tutorials, webinars, and one-on-one consults with an assigned salesperson to help guide you to success. And what is the start-up fee? Not $1000. Not $500. Not even $350.

The Start-Up cost is ONLY $250.

THAT IS WHERE YOUR STIMULUS GETS INVESTED. Turn a small $250 investment into a business owned by you, with a partner who has been successful for over 33 years and is willing to help you; succeed as Well.

Turn $250 into thousands in no time. Peter Stone is ready to invest in you TODAY. Are you prepared to make your dreams come true? Great.

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"Fantastic Company! Excellent customer service team who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Great advice is always given. Would highly recommend."

I have never dealt with a group of in this industry that are as friendly as they are. They are always there in a timely manner to help, always sending new info and helpful tips daily straight my inbox. They truly care about your success. They make you feel like you are their number 1 concern. My only complaint is I didn't find sooner.

I I'm new in the online business, ecommerce, but in PSJ all is very easy, Awesome  company and the support service is incredible, will recommend this business to a friend, and my family member. Excellent